Summer Reading

Right about now is when the time available to me to blog drops dramatically, so a quick comment.  These are the titles I will be taking with me to Spain (and, I cannot promise that I will not pick anything up there),

  1. Steve Keen, Debunking Economics;
  2. Daniel Klein, Knowledge and Coordination;
  3. Keynes, The General Theory;
  4. Lawrence White, The Clash of Economic Ideas;
  5. Acemoglu and Robinson, Why Nations Fail;
  6. Hayek, The Pure Theory of Capital.

Apart from these books, my main goal is to review the literature of the 1930s and 1940s capital theory debates (most of which is in a folder stored away on my hard drive, organized by a Word file that I took some time to compile) between Hayek and Knight/Sraffa/Hawtrey/et cetera.  In short, between reading and enjoying my vacation I will be strapped for time.

Edit: Although something totally unrelated, in light of Bankia’s request for a bailout by the Spanish government, I personally know people to have begun to withdraw deposits, preferring to store them under bricks, inside walls, “under mattresses.”  Runs and panics are not necessarily something of the past — especially in Spain.

5 thoughts on “Summer Reading

    1. JMCF

      Actually, if I get chances to read it, it will form the majority of posts. I can set them and schedule them in advance, allowing me to not blog for several days.

      If you want to guest post, btw, on econophysics, lmk.

  1. James E. Miller

    Obviously Mr. Keynes would demonize such immoral behavior from Scrooge-like Spaniards. How dare they attempt to maintain the wealth they have and not spend like drunken politicians!


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