Couple of Links

First, Kurt Shuler lists the best books of 2012 by contributors to the blog Free Banking. Larry White’s The Clash of Economic Ideas stands out (my review here), as does David Beckworth’s (ed.) Boom and Bust Banking. I bought the latter a couple of months ago, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Second, someone on Facebook posted this link to an article on a Syrian rebel improvised armored fighting vehicle (AFV). One the machine gun, the authors write,

According to the AFP, a rebel engineer based near the city of Aleppo spent a month building the armored vehicle around a re-purposed car chassis, added cameras to it, and then hooked up a machine gun to a PlayStation controller and a TV screen inside.

While using the literal PlayStation controller is a bit crude, the idea is reasonable given that many recent AFVs have introduced similar gunnery controls. Notably, the British Challenger II fits within this category,

Source: Simon Dunstan, Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank 1987–2006 (Oxford: Osprey, 2006), p. 7.

(Articles talking about armored vehicles bring back memories; I used to be obsessed with tanks. If you come across a featured Wikipedia article on a Spanish tank [including “Tanks in the Spanish Army“], or the article on the Panzer I, T-26, French AMX-30, Argentine TAM, the Russian Arena system, or the Rheinmetall 120mm gun, for the most part the writing [and effort to get these articles featured] is mine [the T-26 one not so much; a lot of it is mine, but some of the last parts were added after I started on it in 2006 or so]. I actually have one more Spanish tank to add to Wikipedia, but I never got around to it.)

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