Friday Night Music

There have been various songs which have, at one point or another, been “favorite” songs of mine. But, this one has remained for over ten years one of my favorite songs,


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  1. JosephFetz

    Good choice! I always dug the looser, more jam-like, and bluesier sound of early Zeppelin. This is not to say that they didn’t reach their songwriting peak later (as well as great production for the time period), but certainly there was a raw and free emotional simpleness to their earlier efforts. Plus, as a guitarist, I much preferred Jimmy’s solos and rhythm work on earlier albums, because it was just one guitar track that you hear vs the 3 or 4 overdubbed guitars found on later songs, and there was more “feel” as compared to the strictly-performed guitar arrangements of later albums. Overall, the earlier recordings were more true to what you would hear in a live performance.

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