Believe it or not, after what will soon be a year and a half, I have something planned for To some extent, it will act as a personal website — I will probably have my CV there. But, more than that, I’ve always wanted to have something like the Mises Daily system. At first, I might run a column once a week. If at some point I can interest others to write for the website, I’ll gradually work it up to an article per day (or more!). It would be mostly dedicated to economics, but other social sciences may be featured, as well: sociology, political science, philosophy, et cetera. Neither would it be restricted to a particular ideology or school of thought. I’m looking for some plurality in the points of view expressed in the articles (of course, for as long as I’m the only writer, the articles will reflect my own beliefs).

I’m not sure when the website will be up. I had a stroke of luck when my girlfriend just happened to have a degree in graphic design, with the added plus of plenty of webdesign experience. I’m having her design it for me. Then I have to negotiate with one of her co-workers, who does the actual coding, to see if I can get it done for an affordable price. I’m hoping that it will be done on the WordPress platform, as well, so that it’s easier for me to update then when I need to, and it’s easier to publish. At first, the website is going to be relatively basic: an article system and this blog. Even with only these two features, it might take some time to piece the whole thing together, given the shoestring budget. I originally thought of some kind of discussion forum, but those are always a pain to moderate, and there’s already one that seems to be taking off after the forums were closed.

But, I’m glad I finally figured something out, because otherwise the page would probably indefinitely keep looking the way it does right now. At first, especially since this is my blog, the website is meant to sell me, in the sense that I can network through it. But, ultimately, I really want this to be a significant part of the Lachmannian “commerce of ideas.” And not one just restricted to academia, but one open to all and designed for all.

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