Stupid Mistakes

I make a lot of stupid mistakes. But, I’m not alone. Joseph Blatter, president of FIFA — essentially football’s/soccer’s international government —, has recently admitted that awarding Qatar the privilege to host the 2022 World Cup was a mistake. Why? Because he now realizes how damn hot it gets in Qatar during the peak summer months. One alternative is to host the tournament during the winter, but this will conflict with the schedules of the various European leagues.

I’ve made a similar mistake before. I live in San Diego, which has relatively mild year-round weather. In October 2011, I flew out to Toronto, Canada. I didn’t bother checking the weather — it didn’t even occur to me —, so I flew out in shorts and a t-shirt. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

5 thoughts on “Stupid Mistakes

  1. JosephFetz

    Back in the winter of 2004 I flew from San Diego to Dubai (with stops in Maine and in Spain). It was chilly in SD, but not cold, so I was wearing khaki slacks and a nice button-up collared shirt. When we got to Dubai it was like walking into a wall of fire. Once we got into the city I looked around and noticed that everybody there wears khaki slacks and button-up collared shirts in >100º weather.

    1. JCatalan

      I remember when in 2006 Saudi Arabia was playing the World Cup, and they were commenting on their goalkeeper, who wore (at the time, not sure about now) an all-black uniform. They were saying that the uniform is the same when they’re playing in Saudi Arabia and commenting on how used to heat that person must be in order to withstand high temperatures in an all-black uniform.


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