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I have stated my reasons for believing that the extension of state control over national economies would, of itself, not be conducive to peaceful relations between nations, but, on the contrary, would make international economic intercourse, and national restrictions on such intercourse, a breeding ground for deep and dangerous international friction. I have argued that, insofar as, in the past, war has resulted from economic causes, it has been to a very large extent the intervention of the national state into economic process which has made the pattern of international economic relationships a pattern conducive to war. I have given reasons for expecting that socialism on a national basis would not in any way be free from this ominous defect. It may seem, therefore, that I have argued, in effect, that economic factors can be prevented from breeding war if, and only if, private enterprise is freed from extensive state control other than state control intended to keep enterprise private and competitive.

— Jacob Viner, “International Relations Between State-Controlled National Economies,” American Economic Review 34, 1 (1944), p. 328.

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