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Midweek Entertainment: Aliens Challenge Us to a Football Match for Earth

[Ed. Football being soccer.]

Aliens Juventus

Robed figures appeared in three matches, across three European countries, and Franz Beckenbauer warns us of a challenge for Earth’s future.

He might seem like some crazy old guy to you (if you’re not a football fan), but he’s a two-time world champion (and three time European Cup winner, too).

Saturday Night Football

The last league victory over Real Madrid was in 1999. Between that date and May 2013, Atlético de Madrid was never able to defeat their cross city rivals. In May, Atlético defeated R.M. 1–2 in the Copa del Rey final, and today we defeated them 0–1, both times in their own stadium. We have won all seven league games played so far (unfortunately, so has Barcelona), which I think is their best opening streak ever.

There’s a lot of talk about how poorly Real Madrid plays, but I think Atlético’s tactical display deserves more attention.

Friday Night Music

My appreciation of classic rock comes thanks to my dad’s influence on me. Until high school, I actually didn’t listen to much contemporaneous music and instead listened almost exclusively to the rock bands my dad introduced me to. One day he bought me a Janis Joplin greatest hits album and “Summertime” almost instantly became one of my favorite songs,